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                      TRACT TIPS

This Page is designed to give you some creative ways to hand out and distribute tracts as well as creative ways to store tracts and have them read for use. If you have some ideas or suggestions to add to this page please send us an email at

Tract Closet

One of the best ways to store your tracts and materials at home is also to have them organized and ready to go even if someone comes to your front door you are read! You may want to turn your front hallway closet into your resources area. This could be an area where you stock tracts, bibles, literature and other witnessing items.

Tract Rack

One of the most unique ways of storing your tracts is to use a shoe rack for the door. Each pocket will help you organize your tracts so you know what you have In-stock and what you need to re-order. Plus if you put this "tract rack" on your front hallway closet door these tracts will be ready to go when you need them quickly (ie. Halloween, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.). Make sure you purchase a shoe rack with lots of pockets!

Tract / Book Shelves

Finally, inside your new hallway "tract closet" put in a couple of shelves (low enough that you could still hang a coat), to store bibles, books, booklets, surveys and other witnessing resources. This is also a wonderful area to put your overstock items in boxes. Again, having your resources at hand for when you need them is very important. How many times have you gone out to witness or someone came to your door and you think, "I wish I had_____." But you couldn't find the resource or your forgot to take the resources needed.

The following videos come from Trish Ramos who has some wonderful ideas for storing and using tracts. Trish is full of ideas and I strongly recommend visiting her website at

Fast Food Drive Thru Tips 




 Gas Station Tips 

Purse Tips


                                           Car Tips

What Do I do if I get rejected for handing out a tract?...

The next time you get rejected for the Gospel's sake or someone takes your tract and throws it in the trash or you get yelled at--be like a bee. A bee doesn’t sting the flower when it doesn't have pollen, it just moves on to the next flower to see if it can find pollen there.

So when you have a "bad" witnessing encounter, take courage friend and don’t get upset and “sting” the individual. Just move on to the next person. Remember not to take it personal. It's the message they are rejecting. I'm comforted by Jesus' words that are for the Christian, “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you." (Matt 5: 11-12).

There's no such thing as a bad witnessing encounter. Every time we share our faith it is a winning situation! Special Thanks to Mark Spence for the analogy--it's stuck with me during times that I am tempted to "sting" an individual who has rejected the Gospel message.


    Places to Purchase Tracts


Click HERE:      

One Million Tracts
One Million Tracts is one of the most unique tract purchasing sites that has affordable tracts! You will be encouraged to find tracts for almost any kind of outreach from this

Custom Tract Source

Looking for some very different and creative tracts to hand out? This is the site to check out....

Living Waters Tracts
The best place to purchase Very different and unusual tracts is through  You will find that these tracts are fun and people will ask for more of them!

The Good Person Test (print out now)


   | The Good Person Test Survey Cover    |

   | The Good Person Test Survey Inside |


The Good Person Test with this cover is our most popular survey to be printed out by our members. This survey is a great resource for talking with people and using WDJD and CCRAFT Biblical principles when witnessing to others. You can also give them the survey when you are completed. There are two locations that direct the person to for a more detailed gospel message. There is also a gospel on the back of the survey with Psalm 51 as a repentant prayer. These are also great if you are on a tight can just print them from home. 

Wright Stuff Ministries

Looking for a tract right away? Maybe you are just low on cash? Well here is a site that you can print tracts off of the Internet....


More to come later...





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