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Good Messengers PRAYER STATION Team
The ministry of Prayer Stations is based on the fact that we are providing an opportunity to pray for people who have a variety of needs and believing that God will hear our prayer and act on behalf of those for whom we pray. Our prayer of faith then becomes a starting point for us to share our faith.

In effect we begin by praying for the felt needs of people on the street, and then by the direction of the Holy Spirit move from their felt needs to their real need - giving their heart and life to Jesus! We begin with the temporal and move to the eternal.


We in no way use this ministry to promote or market for a particular church or organization. We do not use this ministry to accept donations or anything else but to pray with people and share Christ. 

Please contact us if you see a need somewhere in the Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland area for the Prayer Station.



Prayer Stations like the one shown above can be 

purchased from Youth With A Mission Metro New 

York (YWAM Metro NY) at 


Download Free Prayer Station Handout Flyer:

Prayer Station Handout Flyer Click Here.  Print out this handout flyer.

You may want to copy it and take it to a copy business for more professional printing. This handout

flyer contains information about prayer, a small gospel presentation and recommended prayer from 

the Psalms.

  Prayer Station Training 

Are you New to the Prayer Station Ministry?  

Click Here to Be Trained on How to Use the Prayer Station. You may also request a training session on how to use the Prayer Station by sending an email to 

   Prayer Station Photo's




Prayer Station Purchase Information

Prayer Station Kits are manufactured and © COPYRIGHT by YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Smithtown, NY. For purchase information email YWAM at: or call YWAM-NY at: (631) 366-1000 ext 17. You will also find information at their web site:





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